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    The Mobile Revolution Is In Full Swing

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Google has long been pointing towards the importance of having a mobile friendly site. They’ve hinted at the need, and recently even given a look at what they think is important. On April 21st 2015 Google will launch arguably their biggest update ever, which will start ranking websites on their mobile usability.

    Google is usually really good about giving webmasters a look at what they deem important before making major updates to their algorithm, and this looming update is no different. Google announced the importance mobile friendliness in February of 2015, laying the framework of criteria they would use in their coming algorithm update. As you can see in the press release, Google’s aim is once again to produce the best possible results for their end user – the consumer.

    As more and more people use mobile devices for searching for local goods and services (over 60% at the time of this writing), Google knows that they must not only deliver the results they are looking for, but also in a format that fits their device.

    Google has made tools available to test the mobile friendliness of a site, and also has alerts in Google Webmaster Tools, showing what needs to be corrected to meet their guidelines. The mobile revolution is in full swing, and what many are deeming “Mobilegeddon” (April 21st mobile update) is fast approaching.

    For more information on how to make the switch to a mobile friendly website, or how to get started marketing your business online, call us today at 773-837-4005. 

    Responsive Website Design - The Newest Answer to Mobile. Are You Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Mobile web traffic is increasing every year, and all signs point to the conclusion, that it’s only going to continue to grow. Have you prepared for the mobile revolution?

    More and more, as I look at business owners’ Google Analytics reporting, and hear vast testimonies from others, I see and they tell me that their mobile traffic is increasing year over year. Two years ago it was common to see 5-12% of a website’s traffic coming from mobile, a year ago 15-20%... in these times, it’s more like 30-50%!!! Mobile web traffic is growing the fastest in local searches – so if your website is aimed at grabbing local traffic, this is especially pertinent to you.

    This increase in mobile traffic is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, as more and more consumers find themselves “on-the-go” in this fast paced world we live in. They are standing in line at the grocery store searching for a dentist as they buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Waiting to pick up their kids from school, parents are looking for a chiropractor near them, and Dad is sitting on the couch watching sports as he researches used cars on his tablet.

    It used to be that all you needed was a good website – clear and easy to understand with a strong call to action, and easy to find contact information. While these things are still very important to a website, now more than ever, your website needs to be mobile friendly.

    “I have a great website, why does is have to be mobile friendly?” Great question! The reason a site needs to be mobile friendly is all about the site experience for a mobile user. Ever gotten to a website that wasn’t mobile friendly? It can be discouraging. Where’s the phone number? Where’s the information I am looking for? Oops, I zoomed too far in, now I have to back out. I can’t read any of this, it’s too small! These are all common problems that consumers encounter when they visit a website not built for mobile. Often times, when consumers are on a mobile device they want a page to load with 3 things right in front of them.

    1)      Phone number – they don’t want to have to hunt, they want it clearly visible so they can click on the number and have their phone call the business.

    2)      Clear explanation of who the business is and what they do – consumers want to know that they’ve made it to the right place. If they have to hunt for who you are and what you do, chances are they will back out and keep searching.

    3)      A clear list of your different services – nothing is as frustrating as knowing you’ve found the right place, but can’t find the information about the specific product/service you are looking for. Again, if they can’t find it, they will back out and keep searching.

    Okay, okay, I’m convinced I need a mobile friendly website you might say…But friendly to which device? A smartphone? Built for android or iphone? A tablet? The 7 inch tablet or 10? All these different devices render websites differently and on distinct display resolutions and sizes… what’ the solution!?

    The hottest trend in website design is upon us, and it looks to be the next great answer to help businesses stay ahead of the game in the mobile revolution. That trend, is Responsive Websites.

    Responsive Websites are built to match the screen dimensions and resolutions of the device that loads the website. Meaning, if you are on a smartphone, the website detects your screen size and loads the site to match exactly to the device. If you are on a tablet, the website detects the tablet, and loads an appropriate design for the larger screen. And not to worry, it detects the traditional desktop as well.

    With responsive websites you never have to worry about whether or not your site visitors are seeing a desktop or mobile friendly version of your site – the technology will automatically detect which device the visitor is on, and load an appropriate design.

    If you are ready to update your website and join the mobile revolution, it’s important to make sure you are ready to deliver a great experience to any visitor on any device. Responsive Website design is clearly the answer you are looking for.

    For more information on how to make the switch to a mobile friendly website, or how to get started marketing your business online, call us today at 773-837-4005. 

    Google's Enhanced Campaigns Explained

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In February Google announced a paradigm shift in the way they offer AdWords to business, and the internet marketing ecosystem has been abuzz ever since. The shift that Google announced is called Enhanced Campaigns, and it brings all AdWords campaigns under one model.

    Before talking about enhanced campaigns, it’s important to understand the former, or “legacy”, model. It used to be that Google offered the choice of running desktop only ads, or mobile only ads, and if you wanted to run both, then they were separate campaigns. This gave advertisers the choice of how they wanted to deliver ads to their potential customers, but also required duplicating their efforts across multiple channels.

    Enhanced Campaigns brings everything under one roof – meaning that you only have to run one campaign to effectively target all devices. Google’s data has shown that it is as equally important to target a desktop user at 6am as it is to target a mobile phone user at 6pm. Whether at home, work, or on the go, consumers are searching for products and services, and they want to be delivered relevant and device contextual results.

    Enhanced Campaigns means that advertisers don’t have to run multiple campaigns to meet their advertising needs. Now, you can make smart marketing decisions with one effective and powerful campaign - showing the right ad, at the right time.

    For more information on enhanced campaigns feel free to visit Google’s press release.

    For all your online marketing needs, contact Team Ostberg at 773.837.4005 or

    Manage The ROI (Return On Investment) From Your Internet Marketing More Efficiently

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Tackling the tough concept of effective ROI marketing for small businesses:

    We've worked with small & medium sized businesses in the Chicagoland area for 5 years, and one of the most common problems/issues we hear is that our clients have a difficult time setting the goals of their marketing and also measuring their ROI.

    Read this great article from ReachLocal's blog that helps you get a hold of your marketing to truly find out which marketing is working and get your marketing strategies on track for great ROI:

    Call Internet Marketing today at 773.837.4005 to schedule a meeting to discuss your marketing goals and how you can get on track to great marketing results!



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